NUIG researchers discover trawling noise can endanger protected marine mammals – Galway Bay FM


Galway Bay fm newsroom – Researchers at NUI Galway have found that noise from trawling can endanger protected marine mammals.

The research discovered that backside trawling noise in or close to submarine canyons can disturb protected mammals, comparable to fin whales and beaked whales, in essential feeding areas and alongside the flyways.

The group linked to i CRAG, the SFI Analysis Heart for Utilized Geosciences at NUIG's Ryan Institute, used hydrophones to report the impression of working trawlers on marine areas in two surveys within the Irish and Celtic seas.

The evaluation confirmed that the noise is concentrated by means of the submarine canyons and is transported to deeper waters, which has a doubtlessly dangerous impact on the marine setting and the protected mammals that encompass it. ; feed and migrate there.

The group additionally discovered that the modeled sounds of trawlers generated on the seabed moved extra effectively underwater than sounds generated on the floor by boats.

The researchers hope the outcomes can contribute to higher environmental regulation of backside trawling close to key marine habitats, protected areas and particular conservation areas in Irish waters.

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